Dear mojang I am a girl and in the news paper it said that girls have to pay £2 for girls skins when boy skins are free mojang I always say nice things about minecraft but if the news paper is wrong I am sorry really sorry but if the news paper is true then mojang you have lost half of your fans if you are a girl and you are sad about this you should complane two notch jeb please tell me if this is true because if it is you said that girls have to play with dolls and that is it am 16 I don't play with dolls so girl should get the same respect as boys but we know that mojang will not treat girls like boys so I am really really sorry if the news was wrong

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No offence but that's not true , Mojang doesn't even make skins except for default ones.

to Anonymous #1001315

Actually , I just realized you were talking about console versions. Actually it used to be extra now they are making it free except for PC , Mac, and linux because it was always free, you could always make a custom skin or you could download one and they had added the "Alex" model a couple of months ago.

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